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I dedicate this book to all the doctors and nurses at the St. Luke’s facilities in Bethlehem and Easton, Pennsylvania. They are a team of dedicated, caring professionals, who supported and loved my husband like their own while he fought his battle.

My deepest gratitude to the following people for their unyielding support throughout my and Mike’s journey: My family; for their relentless phone calls, visits, and daily text messages, always ‘checking in,’ because when someone has cancer, every day is different. My husband’s best friend, Kevin Haycock, and his family, who came to see us almost every day for sixteen months. My dear friend and knowledgeable R.N. Michele Heydecke, who provided constant insight to the complexities of AML Leukemia. Thank you, Michelle Trevena Meeh for your much-needed critique. My husband was fully aware that I was writing this memoir. Though Mike struggled in the beginning with his diagnosis, he later accepted his illness, eventually having to face the fact that he was losing his battle to AML Leukemia. It is with his permission that I now share our story.
   JC Cerrigone