Leukemia, My Husband and Me:  |    What Lies Behind  |    Widow's Walk
The greatest skill one could have is to be able to view yourself as others do. Certain life-changing occurrences can provoke unexpected behaviors in some, and death is one of them. People whom you've had close relationships with suddenly become strangers. When my husband's battle with AML leukemia ended the relationships I thought I had with certain others were nothing more than a masquerade. There are many methods people have in dealing with death, and some of these methods can be destructive for the one who is grieving.

Losing my husband was tormenting enough. Dealing with the ineptness, selfishness and greed of others made my pain unbearable.

As Mike's wife it was my duty to carry out my husband's last wishes that he had meticulously planned. I was so hoping to share in that reflection, paying him the respect, and memorializing him in a way that he so deserved. When others chose to make it about themselves, I watched the world that had surrounded us for fifteen years disintegrate right before my eyes.

I dedicate this book to all the doctors and nurses at the St. Luke’s facilities in Bethlehem and Easton, Pennsylvania. They are a team of dedicated, caring professionals, who supported and loved my husband like their own while he fought his battle.
JC Cerrigone